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A compulsory piano department

The department of the compulsory piano is one of profiling in school. In different years the office was headed: Shavrina L.G. – the the Labour Red Banner order holder, Tleubayeva T.T. – The excellence in National Education of Kazakh USSR, and since 1984 office is headed by Kospanova A.Sh. – the Excellence in National Education of RK, the Honourable Educator of Kazakhstan. Due to her work, faculty of department became strong, professionaland friendly.

On department various methodical work is conducted, teachers attend master classes, hold demonstrative lessons, listen to methodical reports and messages, and impart experience. Close connection with teachers of specialty, teachers of musical and theoretical disciplines, parents of pupils is keep by the staff. Holding the academic concerts on classes of teachers attracts interest. All children from 1 to 12 grades play the program. Such auditions allows to compare methods of teachers' work, to analyze strong and weak points of department faculties work in general.

At the department the new assessment criteria consisting of ten points is developed. At the pupil's performance not only playing is assessed, but also the choice of the repertoire corresponding to a class, proper performance of the text, emotional fullness, compliance to style and a genre, etc. is assessed too.

Concerts are constantly held at the department. Events on ancient music, the concerts devoted to romantics composers, the Soviet composers, concerts on works of the Kazakhstan performers, jazz concerts "Spring jazz" and "Autumn blues", thematic concerts have been held so far.

Taking parts in public performances helps the child to feel freely on the stage, gives the confidence.

As integration is top priority in educational process these days, holding such concerts makes possible the integration process as it is directed to apply knowledge from different areas, to develop motivation of pupils to express their emotions in creativity. At these concerts that are held in co-operation with Music theory department, general education department our children create a scenic image themselves, select suitable costumes, make out the poster, read the poems corresponding to the topic of a concert (in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages) and even compose themselves.

Important incentive to improvement of skill are competitions. In December, 2014 there were the open city competition devoted to " The Day of the First President of Kazakhstan".

Results are followings:
1 place – Shakirova S. – teacher Kospanova A.S.;
1 place – Erkinyyzy D. – the teacher Saparova G.K.;
2 place – Kunesova M. – teacher Tnalina S.K.;
2 place – Zhakhanbekova A. – teacher Shaykemelova E.K.;
2 place – Zhakhanbek A. – teacher Shaykemelova E.K.;
3 place – Mukhamedkazykyzy A. – teacher Gizatova A.B.;
3 place – Duysenbekova V. – teacher Tnalina S.K.;
3 place – Abisheva A. – teacher Filippova T.B.;
3 place – Martynova N. – teacher Shagalimova T.I.;
The special diploma for "The best performance of worksKazakhstani composers" – Duysenbekova V. - a teacher Tnalina S.K.;
The diploma for "The best performance of foreign composers" – Martynova N. - a teacher Shagalimova T.I.;
Certificate – Rashid A. – teacher Shaykemelova E.K.

In June, 2013 at the International competition festival (Turkey/Ankara) 1 place Mukhamedkazykyzy A. got I prize – from class of the teacher Gizatov of A.B. The letter of appreciation was handed from the ambassador of RK.

In June, 2014 at the International competition festival (Turkey) the 2nd place was taken by Nurbayev D. – a class of teacher Kospanova A.S.

In July, 2015 at 28 International competition of young performers - "Giovani Talenti e Premio Rovered’Oro" Italy (San Bartolomeo): 1 place - Mukhamedkazykyzy A. – the teacher Gizatova A.B.

In April, 2015 in the city of Astana there has taken place the I International competition of piano preparation.
Results are as following:
The Grand Prix and the special diploma for "The best performance of the classical work" – Tompakov T. – the teacher Gizatova A.B.;
1 place – Shakirova S. – teacher Kospanova A.S.;
1 place – Erkinkyzy D. – the teacher Saparova G.K.;
2 place – Tazhiyeva A. – teacher Kospanova A.Sh.;
2 place – Duysenbekova V. – teacher Tnalina Sh.K.;
2 place – Aspan E. and Aubakirov Ж. – teacher Gizatova A.B.;
2 place – Davletova A. – teacher Shagalimova T.I.;
2 place – Murzagulova A. – teacher Urazbayeva L.Ch.;
2 place – Kenzhegali A. and Meyrbekova E. – teacher Urazbayeva L.Ch.;
3 place – Mukhitkyzy M. – the teacher Shaykemelova E.K.;
3 place – Otemis Zh. – teacher Gizatova A.B.

Long-term pedagogical experience of the department shows the right direction of the chosen way. Creative search continues.

Участники концерта, посвященного 175-летию со дня рождения П.И. Чайковского:

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