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A violin and viola department

Outstanding achievements for years of existence of the school the string department made a great contribution. Organized by one of the first, string department has the deep roots, which are historically connected with the best traditions of the Soviet violin school. Transferred to new cultural and historical conditions, they have gained powerful development and have led to formation of own Kazakhstani violin school.

The first performing and creative traditions have been put by teachers of the Moscow conservatory – I.A. Lesman (pupil of L. Auera), V.S. Hessom (pupil of B. Sibora), K.I. Babayev. The fundamental role in this process belongs to the honored teacher and the honored worker of arts of KAZSSR, Professor V. Hess. N.M. Patrusheva who was the head teacher of office for many years began her pedagogical activity, being a student of Kurmangazy conservatory (a class of the prof. V.S. Hess) in 1951.

Патрушева Н.М. – Заслуженный деятель РК, Заслуженный учитель Каз.ССР, Почетный работник образования РК, орден "Трудового красного знамени", орден "Достык", медаль "За трудовое отличие", нагрудный знак "Ы.Алтынсарин", лауреат премии "Тарлан"

In 1965, after graduating Gnessin institute in Moscow, one of the first graduates of school (a class of the teacher N.M. Patrusheva), S.A. Abdusadykova started her pedagogical activity.

In 1960s T.P. Dolzhenko – the graduate of conservatory (a class of the prof. V.S. Hess) and B.S. Kozhamkulova is a graduate of Gnessin institute (Moscow) started their work at school.

The new page of department's history is connected with names of school graduates: K.H. Moldagaliyeva (Y.I. Fudiman's class), T.E. Romanova (K.I. Babayev's class), I.H. Rakhimova (B.S. Kozhamkulova's class), A.A. Abatova, D.G. Dzhaparova, R.K. Musakhodzhayeva, Z.B. Belgibayeva (N.M. Patrusheva's class), K.A. Akhmetova (A.A. Abatova's class).

In different years teachers of conservatory have contributed to formation of string department too: Y. Soroker; doctor of art studies, professor of the St. Petersburg conservatory O.F. Shulpyakov; professor of Kurmangazy KNC, Y.I. Fudiman; F.D. Mavridi; M.R. Poleva, participants of the Second World War B.L. Dubrov, A.T. Tolganbayev.

In 1994 the administration of school invited the leading teachers of musical schools O.N. Danilova and F.G. Podolnay tothe department of a violin and viola.

Professor V.S. Hess was the head of the department. From 1958 to 1983 It was headed by Honored teacher of RK, professor N.M. Patrusheva. Within 15 years S.A. Abdusadykova – «The excellence in education of KAZSSR» titleholder, headed office.

In 1998 in Astana the Kazakh National Academy of music was organized by an honored artist of RK Ayman Musakhodzhayeva, and graduates ofour school (a class of the prof. N. M. Patrusheva) S.A. Abdusadykov, A.A. Abatov, R.K. Musakhodzhayeva were the first professors.

Graduates of a violin and viola achieved outstanding success in musical art. Among them Ayman Musakhodzhayeva is the honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1986), the Academician of the International Academy of creativity (1998), the owner of an honorary title of UNESCO "The actor for the world" (1998), the winner of the State award in the field of literature, arts and architecture (2000), the rector of KAZNUA in Astana.

Gauhar Murzabekova is the honored actress of RK, the winner of the International competition in Paris (1985), the participant of G. Venyavsky competition, professor of Kurmangazy ASC. Marat Bisengaliyev is the winner of the International competitions in Leipzig and San Sebastiano (Spain).

Arman Murzagaliyev is the winner of the Bela Bartok International competition in Budapest (Hungary), Crane’s New Music Festival in Potsdam, NY (US), the founder of the Remi trio, the artistic head of the international Forte Music Fest - festival of classical music.

Vladimir Kosyanenko is the winner of the 6th International competition of violists Lionel Tertis (Isle оf Man, England) United Fonda in 1997 and the owner of a special prize and a medal Fonda Perreno (Noshatel, Switzerland). Since 1998 V. Kosyanenko becomes a participant of Gugo Wolf Kvartet. In 1999, being as a part of the quartet he has been awarded with the European Prize for achievements in the field of Chamber music in Paris and in 2003 the Prize of Radio of Austria.

Graduates of department – Zhamilya Serkebayeva, Aida Ayupova, Meruert Tuyakbayeva, Amir Bisengaliyev, Aydar Toktaliyev, Raushan Akhmedyarova, Akhan Meirbekov, etc. became bright figures of musical culture.

Graduates of string department of school make the main contingent of students in Kurmangazy KNC. Many of them continue study in the Highest musical institutions of Russia and in other countries – Austria, Germany, Spain, France, America.

Graduates of department work in the leading music bands of the republic: in the State symphonic orchestra a concertmaster is Lidiya Popova (N.M. Patrusheva's class), in orchestra of Abay SABOT the concertmaster is Sholpan Iskendirova (class of Kozhamkulova B.S.), concertmaster of "Camerata Kazakhstana" Kalamkas Dzhumabayeva (class of Murzabekova G.K.).

The faculty of department is constantly renewed with the younger generation of musicians, most of them are many graduates of K. Bayseitova music school. They are S.S. Sarsenova (T.P. Dolzhenko's class), D.H. Ishkayev (N.M. Patrusheva's class), A.S. Bekenov (K.H. Muldagaliyeva's class), Z.B. Belgibayev (N.M. Patrusheva's class), K.A. Akhmetov (A.A. Abatova's class).

In total by teachers of department following results are achieved: 89 winners and 27 diploma winners of the international competitions, 57 winners and 14 diploma winners of republican competitions, 7th winner of the international festivals and 1 diploma winner of international festivals, 15 winners and 5 diploma winners of city competition-festivals, 6 certificates of the international and republican competitions.

Teachers who work at the department now: Abatova A.A. – the head, the Honored worker of RK, the associate professor of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, the associate professor of art studies; K.H. Muldagaliyeva – the Honourable educator of RK; O.N. Danilova – the Honourable cultural figure of RK; A.S. Bekenova is the dean of orchestral faculty of Kurmangazy KNC; D.H. Ishkayeva – the Honourable educator of RK; Z.B. Belgibayeva; K.A. Akhmetova; S.S. Sarsenova; L.V. Popova; N.E. Sagimbayev is the associate professor of Kurmangazy KNC,the honourable educator of RK.

The ensemble of violinists is the pride of string office and K. Bayseitova school in general. Professor Hess V.S. (assistant Patrusheva N.M.) was his first head.professor N.M. Patrusheva the Honored teacher of RK was the head of the ensemblefor more than 30 years. During this time, the ensemble has mastered the extensive repertoire. Collective at government concerts performed many musical masterpieces. Tours of ensemble to Moscow to XXIV congress of the party, the XX anniversary of Communistic unity of youth, participation in a concert in the Kremlin palace where the People's artist of RK Y.S. Klushkin performed as soloist the "Spring waters" of Rachmaninoff, a performance at the anniversary concert devoted to the Jamby's 1OOth anniversary, on the celebrations devoted to anniversary of Abay and also a tour around the Kazakhstan, the USA, Switzerland. Subscriptions concerts in Voznesenskii Cathedral hosted by a famous musicologist, professor Y.P. Aravin became popular.

From 1986 to 1996 Abdusadykova S.A. was the head of the ensemble, in the next years heads were Abatova A.A., Akhmetova K.A., Akhmetov E.T. – graduates of K. Bayseitova school. Now the pupil of the Prof. N. M. Patrushevoy D.H. Ishkayeva is in charge of violinists’ ensemble.

Now the office is headed by the Honored worker of RK, the associate professor of art studies, the Excellence in education of RK – Abatova Alma Abdrakashevna.

Мулдагалиева К.Х. – педагог отделения, Отличник образования РК, Почетный работник образования РК

Данилова О.Н. – педагог отделения, Отличник народного образования, Почетный деятель культуры РК

Ишкаева Д.Х. – педагог отделения, Почетный работник образования РК

Сагимбаев Н.Е. – Почетный работник образования РК

Бекенова А.С. – педагог отделения, Магистр педагогических наук

Ахметова К.А. – педагог отделения, Магистр искусств

Бельгибаева З.Б. – педагог отделения

Сарсенова С.С. – педагог отделения

Попова Л.В. – педагог отделения, медаль «За трудовые заслуги»

Ансамбль альтистов из числа скрипачей учащихся отделения скрипки и альта

Ансамбль скрипачей поздравляет педагога отделения Мулдагалиеву К.Х. с юбилеем