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Cello, contrabass and harp department

Teachers of department have brought up generations of highly qualified specialists.

From the first days of functioning the famous, recognized performing musicians, teachers of conservatory, made the basis of department. Their erudition, the general humanitarian outlook, high professional skills promoted origins, formation and achievement of considerable heights of cello school of Kazakhstan. We remember most of teachers of conservatory and the famous musicians who from the first day school who took part in educating of young musicians on department: they are N.A. Shlimak, L.Y. Edelman, S.V. Sarantsev, V.D. Pankratov, S.M. Zhakeev, G.B. Dzhanaydarova.

The graduate of school and the graduate of Kurmangazy conservatory Dzhanaydarova G.B. was the founder of the department. Heads of department in different period of time were Abdykhanova O.A. and honourable educator of RK Lutsenko Evgeny Nikolaevich.

Класс педагога Луценко Е.Н. (виолончель)

Now the Honourable worker of culture of RK - Shonova Lilia Nazimovna, heads the department.

In 2002 the class of harp was organized and as the teacher the harpist of Abay SAOBT harpist Nurgozhayeva Svetlana Otarbekovna was invited.

Now a class of a harp is conducted by the harpist of Abay SAOBT Kurmangaliyeva Bayan Kerimkulovna.

Pride of office is the ensemble of cellists that has been organized in 1971 by the People's Artist of RK, Professor D.K. Baspayev. Under his management the ensemble has reached high professional level, participated in Festive events of Kazakhstan, Government concerts of the USSR, appeared on the best stages of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other republics of the former USSR. Nowadays Nurzhanov B.N. successfully heads the ensemble. Under her management the ensemble has mastered the worthy repertoire consisting of works by the Kazakhstani, Russian, foreign and Soviet performers. Pupils with great interest attends ensemble of cellists and take active part in events and concerts on school and republican level.

Today teachers who work at the department: L.N. Shonova is a head; E.N. Lutsenko is a Honourable educator of PK, K.O.Abdrakhmanova – the Honourable cultural figure of RK, Nurzhanova B.N., Rakishev B.S., Kurmangaliyeva B.K., Belgibayev K.K., Nurzhanov M.A., Glavatskaya Z.E.

All teachers of department are highly qualified specialists who are constantly improving their skills. Confirmation of fruitful pedagogical work of faculty are the fact that our graduates play in such collectives as the State symphonic orchestra, Camerata Kazakhstan and continue education abroad.

Класс педагога Нуржановой Б.Н. (виолончель)

Класс педагога Абдрахмановой К.О. (виолончель)

Класс педагога Ракишева Б.С. (контрабас)

Класс педагога Оспанкулова А.А. (обязательный контрабас для виолончелистов)

Класс педагога Бельгибаева К.К. (виолончель)

Класс педагога Нуржанова М.А. (виолончель)

Класс педагога Главацкой З.Е. (виолончель)

Заседание отделения виолончели, контрабаса и арфы