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Chamber ensemble and quartet department

Development playing in ensemble is the most important component of formation of the musician at all stages of his development. Therefore, from the first days of schools foundation ensemble lessons, which were taught by teachers R.S. Katsman and K.A. Gospodar, have been provided in a class of a specialized piano. On piano ensembles lessons, ensembles for string instruments with a piano were executed.

As separate division, the class of chamber ensemble has been organized in 1967, and in 1989 became independent methodical association, which was headed by the excellence in education titleholder of RK Y.E. Dorokhovsky.

Studing at the department of chamber ensemble begins on the 5th year and ends with passing the State exam in the 12th year. Within a year at the academic concerts according to program requirements pupils execute parts of a sonatas or suite cycle, the trio, the piano quartet or the quintet and the chamber composition at end-of-year examination.

From the 10th class pupils of string department must attend a class of the quartet and pass the State examination on their last year of education. In different years this discipline was conducted: excellence in education titleholder of RK Y.E. Dorokhovsky, soloist of SASO RK Y. Gusev, now – the soloist of SASO RK E.V. Tymoshenko.

Teachers of chamber ensemble Kovalyova E.A. (the associate professor of Kurmangazy ASC), Y.E. Goncharova G.S. (methodologist of department), Nikolaeva I.F. Dorokhovsky. (head of department from 2001 to 2006) have developed the curriculum, the program of development and education of young ansamblist, the repertoire list of musical literature are improved subsequently.

In 1999 the department of chamber ensemble welcomed new teachers: Gusev Yu.V. – the associate professor of Kurmangazy ASC (the string quartet) and Ermanov Zh. R. – the senior teacher of Kurmangazy ASC (the wind quartet).

From 2006 to 2012, N.V. Brynova headed the office.

Now Sultanova Bayan Amankeldiyevna heads the office.

Зав.отделения Султанова Б.А. с Носиной В.

The high professional level of pupils, the experience of ensemble music playing gained in a chamber class allows many graduates of school to achieve good results as ansamblists. The Kazakh State quartet became widely known with: Iannis Mavridi, Serik Syrlybayev, Robert Smagulov, Askar Buribayev. All participants of the quartet are graduates of Kulyash BaisetovaMusic School for gifted children.

Since 1998, Vladimir Kosyanenko – the graduate of school K.H. Muldagaliyeva's alto class is a violist of the famous quartet "HugoWolfQuartet" (Vienna).

Aydar Toktaliyev graduate of the professor N. M. Patrusheva class is the first violin of the Gaziza Zhubanova Kazakh State string quartet which became the winner of many prestigious international competitions and festivals of chamber music.

In October 2005, the string quartet with Saparov L. (violin), Kuki I. (violin), Medetbayeva A. (viola), Karatayeva T. (violoncello) under the leadership of the teacher Tymoshenko E.V. won the first award and a special prize for the best performing of the obligatory work at the International competition of Lorenzo Perozi in Italy (Torton).

The instrumental duet of the Tynybekov twins – violinists Botagoz and the cellist Bulat, winners of a special award of the Union of youth of Kazakhstan is widely known to the Kazakhstan and foreign audience. Performing in the duet, talented young musicians have achieved bright and good results, having become winners of the international festival of chamber and instrumental ensembles in Ankara (Turkey) and in the Masur All-Russian competition in St. Petersburg. In 2002 the duet has been awarded with the diploma of "Fund of Education of Nursultan Nazarbayev" – "The constellation of hopes" for big creative achievements in the field of musical art, in 2003 – the diploma of "Shabyt" International competition.

Концерт "Учитель – ученик"