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Choral conducting department

The choral art differing with its democratic character and big force of impact on audience start developing in Kazakhstan in the 30s years. Choral collectives were created in various cities and institutions of the republic. In the Almaty state conservatory the department of choral conducting begins to function with the main task of preparing professional staff for actively developing choral art . Choral class was organized in K. Bayseitova RSSMBS for gifted children too. Harmonious development of pupils, development in singing skills was the purpose of these classes which were at that time a part of the general musical disciplines: clean intoning, feeling of a system and ensemble. At the same time in choral classes defined pupils who could be engaged professionally in choral art and after graduation would be able to study in conservatory at department of choral conducting.

Among the first teachers of a choral class of school there were a graduate of the Belarusian conservatory A.D. Yushkevich who was also the associate professor of choral conducting at Kurmangazy ASC. She had shown high professionalism and versatility in her teaching. The published scientific and methodical works of A.D. Yushkevich in the field of choral art among which there are: "The anthology of choral literature from works by Kazakhstan composers", "The collection of songs for secondary school".From her class such musicians as A. Veylert, V. Pilipenko, I. Lebedev has graduated. Owing to vigorous activity of the first teachers – A.D. Yushkevich, A. Veylert, M.K. Konovalova has considerably increased the interest in this subject, the number of pupils has increased several times comparing with the first days.

In the 80s the main faculty of choral conducting department consisted of: V.N. Mamizerov - the excellence in culture of the USSR, the honourable educator, L.A. Aydarbekova – honorable artist of RK, professor of Kurmangazy KNC, K.A. Asanaliyev, U.U. Omarbayev, Z.A. Moldakarimova.

Solid teachers, the increased contingent of pupils have led to allocation of choral classes in 1987 in independent educational and methodical division.

The specialty of choral conducting begins with the fifth class and includes such disciplines as reading choral music sheets, special chorus, and vocal ensemble. From 8th to 12th grades all complex of special disciplines – conducting, reading choral music sheets, special chorus, vocal ensemble, a technique and practice of work with chorus, the theory and history of choral art, a technique of teaching solfeggio is studied (12th year). On all these disciplines the curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education of RK are developed. As a result, the qualification – "the head of children's chorus, the teacher of solfeggio in Music schools for children" is given to graduates of department.

Государственный экзамен выпускников отделения хорового дирижирования

The great value is paid to a choral class the basis of which consists of pupils of choral department. The head of chorus for many years was V.N. Mamizerov. Under his management the chorus became the first performer of many works of Kazakhstani composers: songs, choral acapella, works of a large form. The extensive repertoire of chorus includes such works as: the Ode to Kazakhstan" E. Rakhmadiyev, D. Pergolesi's Stabat mater, A. Vivaldi's Gloria, "Miserere" and W.A. Mozart's Regina coeli, "Liturgy" and "the 24th concert of D. Bertnyansky" . With men's group of conservatory J.S. Bach's “Magnificat", "A mass a si-minor", "Carmina Burana" by K. Orff were successfully performed.

The department of choral conducting's faculty: Zh.A. Moldakarimova – the head of the department, the Honourable educator of RK, teachers: V.N. Mamizerov is the Honored worker of RK, Asanaliyeva K.A., Akhmetova S.N., Makanova K.E., Surtubayeva T.V., leaders: Satylganov V.B., Kozhbanova G. O., Nazaraliyeva N.R.

Famous graduates of the department:
• B.A. Zhamanbayev is the honored worker of arts of KAZSSR (1979), professor of Kurmangazy ASC (1984), the people's artist of RK (1989), the winner of the State award (2006);
• Aydarbekova L.A. – the honored artist of RK (1984), professor of Kurmangazy KNC (1998);
• Kuzhamkulova S.K. – dean of Vocal,choral and theatrical faculty of KAZNAM;
• Tolumbekova G.D. is a teacher of choral disciplines of Kurmangazy KNC ;
• Omarbayeva U.U. – teacher of KAZNAM;
• Burkutbayeva S.K., more than 20 years working as the chorus master, the chief chorus master of Abay SAOBT etc.