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Concert master skill department

One of the most important directions of training pianists is mastering their concert skill. This specialization is demanded in musical culture assumes mastering pupils skills of co-performing of chamber and vocal, instrumental compositions, scenes from operas by the Russian and foreign composers. As a result, pupils of a graduation class who have successfully passed the state examination gets the specialization of concertmaster.

Classes of concert master skill was opened from the first day of the school. Among the first teachers of the department there were pianists standing at the origins of piano school in Kazakhstan: R.S. Katsman, K.A. Gospodar. Among their pupils there are eminent figures of music education in RK: T.A. Abilkhairova (Mukhamedzhanova), D.I. Kamaliyeva, T.N. Suleymenova, E.I. Vangler.

In the sixties G.A. Sadykova – the graduate of the Moscow conservatory, Y.Zack’s former student, held the department. Her students were F. Vildanova (Kurbanova), S. Epstein, T.A. Mukhamedzhanova, T. Manzhosova. The graduate of Gnessin Russian Academy of Music E.P. Nosov was one of the first illustrators at school. In the following years teachers V.G. Barkhudaryan, A.Sh, conducted the concert master skills class. Kospanova.

In 1978, concert master classes have been transformed to independent department of concertmaster skills; the first head was G.D. Tezekbayeva. At that time teachers on the department were V.G. Barkhudaryan and Sh.K. Tnalina. Talented pupils of that period were the Novgorodskii Dima – the winner of the Republican competition of young performers in Pavlodar, nowadays professor of the Wisconsin university (the USA, Appleton); Gorenman Nora is nowadays the music-master (USA). Soloists of Abay SABOT L. Dorokhovskaya, K. Omarbayev and the Honored artist of the Kyrgyz SSR L.M. Tsindrik worked as illustrators.

In the next decade the associate professor of Kurmangazy ASC on concertmaster skills T.B. Shulgin works at office, skilled leaders of school are involved in pedagogical work: A.S. Bisengaliyeva, A.B. Ustemirova, N.V. Brynova. As illustrators were the famous musicians: Honored artist of RK Skakov B., Chalobayev M., Tlenchiyeva R., Bekbolatova A., Dautova Z., Bukenov B., Omirbekov K., Uashev D., Baykuatov K.

In 1989 the administration of school invited to a T.N. Suleymenova for the position of the department head, the skilled teacher of conservatory, the graduate of Baisitove school (R.S. Katsman's class), the graduate of the Leningrad conservatory. Under her management in pedagogical activity of department the basic principles of concert mastering relying on traditions of the Moscow and Leningrad schools are realized, the principle of continuity of generations is implemented in practice. Skilled teachers of department shares the secrets of concertmaster skills cultivate musical and art taste of pupils; impart skills of using the gained knowledge and abilities.

One of prior activities of the department is methodical provision of educational process. Need of joint discussion of the carried-out work has led to the organization of "A round table of concertmasters" in 2006 – the union which doesn't have analogs in RK the initiator was the head of department T.N. Suleymenova.

The big contribution is made in concert life of school. Staff of office takes active part in the events held at school; organize the thematic concerts performing educational function.

In the next years young teachers Baishev E.V., Azizkhanova A.A., Kazhgaliyeva A.Sh. were employed. Since 2014, Brynova N.V. comes back to faculty again.

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