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General education department

On general education department all conditions are created for:

• receiving good education on social humanitarian direction,
• development of linguistic abilities,
• development of pupils' creativity,
• formation of all-round developed personality, their esthetic,
• moral culture,
• activation of independent thinking,
• formation of ecological culture,
• use of the gained knowledge in life

To achieve an objective teachers use elements of modular technology, testing technique on various levels, the differentiated approach in training.

Due to the all-humanitarian orientation of school, much attention is paid on following disciplines: history, social science, the Russian and Kazakh literature, studying languages, additionally there are the course on the world literature, history of world culture. While passing state exams and on higher education institutions, entrance exams graduates of boarding school show good results on these disciplines.

Considering specific education at school, academic demand in musical disciplines, teachers use at the lessons technical means of education for learning on the informative and entertaining level. There are video records of laboratory works on physics, chemistry, biology, materials according to sections of disciplines, which attract a keen interest of pupils. Programs provide performance of compulsory state standard in disciplines of a natural and mathematical cycle due to association of subjects and various control forms of progress and knowledge quality of pupils.

Due to requirements of world’s education space, the department is equipped with the computer class with Internet connection, language system for studying the Kazakh and English languages, with audio, the video equipment.

Since 1987, teaching is held on a state language. It has created positive conditions for training of performer musicians continuously through history and culture, art and literature of the Kazakh people in the native language.

To implement the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev's Message much attention is paid to master pupils languages: Kazakh, Russian, and English.

Much attention is paid on studying state language in Russian major classes. Since September 2004, early studying of English is started from the 2nd year. Curriculum of the Kazakhstan-British University with the use of computer programs that correspond to the increasing requirements to a learning of foreign language are developed at school. The used educational computer programs, materials of audio and video of programs and give the chance to hear authentic English speech.

Teachers of general education department constantly carry out monitoring and diagnostics of level of academic progress, since 2005 twice an academic year of specialized tests of knowledge is held on general education and music theory departments.

Big role in formation of the Kazakhstani patriotism, tolerance, civil consciousness of young music performers’ thematic class hours, events, debates, etc. extra-curricular actions of teachers, which are merged in thematic months of educational work. Class teachers work on formation of leadership skills, an active civil position, creativity and independence in organization of events.

In staff of general education department work teachers who have brought up and have graduated numerous generations of young musicians and today continue to impart long-term experience of teaching with young colleagues.