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Specialized piano department

One of leaders at K. Bayseitova Republican secondary specialized music school is the piano office. In the system of secondary music education of the Republic of Kazakhstan it possesses the leading positions. The results achieved by office for 60-year history serve as the indisputable proof of constant growth of pedagogical and professional skill of departments feculty. Confirmation of it are numerous victories of pupils at competitions of various level – from regional to international. Thanks to the strong base of the professional knowledge and abilities received on secondary specialized educational institution many graduates of school brilliantly continue the pianistic activity in the largest cultural centers of Russia, Europe, America, Australia.

The foundation of department's successful activity – the best traditions of the Russian pianistic school, and history of education and functioning reflects all process formation of piano school of Kazakhstan.

Highly skilled teachers, graduates of the Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev conservatories – K.A. Gospodar, R.S. Katsman, L.L. Kelberg, L.G. Shavrin, E.A. Rosman, A.L. Barack stood at the origins of formation of the department. They have brought up the whole generation of musicians who, in turn, continue to carry out the principle of continuity, achieving considerable results.

In 1960s new talented pianists teachers joined - graduates of the P. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Among them famous pianist M. Sayamov, the rector of Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, G.A. Sadykova, V. Orlovsky, V.I. Tebenikhin, A.P. Isakova. They have brought the creative contribution in process of formation and further development of pianistic school of Kazakhstan.

Since M.V. Belousova – the skilled methodologist, the mentor, performed 1970 - 1985 management of department many efforts directed to organize teaching and educational process, its creative orientation. The new generation of young teachers joins this period: T.A. Abilkhairova, M.K. Daukeeva, V.D. Tartyshnaya, L.P. Orfanidi.

Since 1985 - 2008 the honored worker of RK T.A. Abilkhairova heads the department of a specialized piano. These years' work is characterized by new rise and establishment of creative communications of the international scale. Teachers actively participate in work of all-Union seminars on professional development and professional skill, in master classes of outstanding musicians of the present, such as V.V. Kraynev, A. Voskresensky, E. Malinin, A. Gavrilov, S.G. Igolinsky, Zh.Ya. Aubakirova, N. Trul, A. Diyev, A. Sevidov, T.A. Popovic, M. Libenzon, etc., pass a training in the central music schools of Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi.

Participation and victories of pupils in authoritative international competitions, exchange of experience and mentoring of high specialists of pianistic school – all this promotes achievement of the department on the high professional level allowing pupils to successfully enter prestigious higher educational institutions of the world and represent pianistic traditions of Kazakhstan.

Among outstanding figures of musical culture of RK graduates of specialized piano department rank high. Z.Y. Aubakirova is the honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991), the rector of Kurmangazy KNC, the winner of the State award of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is awarded "Literatures and Arts of France" order (1998), the Independent award "Platinum Tarlan" (2001). G.I. Kadyrbekova is the honored artist of RK (1991), professor of Kurmangazy KNC, for a contribution to development of musical art of the republic is awarded with government award of Kurmet (2000). N.T. Izmaylov is the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professor, the head of the department of a specialized piano of KAZNUA. A.K. Karpykov is the honored artist of RK (1998), professor (2000), "The excellence in national education of RK", is awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of PK (2002). G. Nesipbayev is the honored artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1998), the soloist-organist of the Kazakh state philharmonic hall of Jambyl, the associate professor of Kurmangazy KNC.

World recognition was gained by A. Tebenikhin – the owner of the Grand Prix at the VIII international competition Vianna da Motta (Portugal, 1999), the first award at the first international competition of piano concerts in Sendai (Japan, 2001), the winner of a Elizabeth competition in Brussels, the winner 2 awards and the owner of the Special prize for the best performance of a concert with orchestra at The first K. Bekhstein International competition of pianists in Essen (Germany, 2006), the winner of 1 award at A. Rubenstein competition of pianists in Dresden (Germany). A graduate of K. Bayseitova RSSMBS for gifted children is G. Petrova – the honored artist of Russia, for concert programs of 2000-2002 M. Fedotov and G. Petrova awarded by the Government of Moscow in the field of literature and art.

In total for years of activity there were:
33 – Winners of the international competitions
26 – Diploma winners of the international competitions
47 – Winners of republican competitions
7 – Diploma winners of republican competitions
5 – Winners of the international festivals
13 – Winners of city competitions festivals
10 – Special prizes and awards

Specialized piano department faculty is the following:
T.A. Abilkhairova is the head, honored worker of arts of RK
M.K. Daukeeva is the honored worker of RK,
V.D. Tartyshnaya,
A.L. Pestova,
R.S. Kaliyeva,
S.A. Surapbergenova,
A.T. Dautbayeva,
F.G. Kurbanova.