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The Kazakh folk instruments department

From the very first day at school, classes of a dombra and a bayan have been open.

Since 1986, performers of folk instruments have formed independent department. Since then this office is headed by the Honoured worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Adilov Kairbek Nuryshevich.

At the folk instruments department there are about 100 pupils.

In total by teachers of department following awarded number of students is prepared:
16 - Winners of the international competitions
5 - Students of the international competitions
104 - Winners of republican competitions
30 - Students of republican competitions
1 - Winner of the international festivals
4 - Winners of city competitions festivals
14 - Students of city competitions festivals

In the seventies at school the orchestra of folk instruments was formed. The orchestra is a winner of the Republican competition. The artistic director and the conductor of orchestra is Adilov K.N.

Today in folk instruments orchestra 70 pupils get professional knowledge and skills.

In the repertoire of orchestra, there are more than 100 works of national, classical and modern composers. The Kazakhstan stars, singers whose names are known to the public performed on stages with orchestra concerts: Ermek Serkebayev, Nariman Karazhigitov, Nurgali Nusipzhanov, Roza Rymbayeva, Nurzhamal Usenbayeva, Maygul Kazturganova, Uhlan Kenzhebekov, Bereke Enkebayev, etc.

The department faculty consists of: K.N. Adilov is a head, Honoured worker of RK, Abdullaev O.A. – The honored worker R. K., B.A. Iskakov is professor of Kurmangazy KNC, G.A. Moldakarimova is the Honoured artist of RK, professor of Kurmangazy KNC , B.A. Kosbasarov is the Honored worker of RK, professor of Kurmangazy KNC, S.S. Zhanpeisov is a Honored artis of RK, the associate professor of Kurmangazy KNC, Zh.B. Bekenturov is the Honored worker of RK; G.N. Tenizbayeva is the Honourable cultural figure , S.H. Kashaganov is a Honourable cultural figure, A.Zh. Zhumabekula – the Honourable educator, D.H. Tuyakbayev – the Honored worker of RK, professor of Kurmangazy KNC, Saduakasuly A. - Honored artist of the People's Republic of China, Saden K.R., Kosbasarova Zh.K., Adilova G.K., Ospankulova D.A., Alimbay D.T. – Honourable cultural figure.