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Wind, percussion instruments and musical performance department

The department functions from the very first day of school.

Radical changes have been made with the arrival of the talented musician, the skilled employee of the Ministry of Education of Republic, O. A. Abdullaev as the headmaster of the school. On his initiative the brass band, Big Band, the Dixieland have been launched on the department.

Духовой оркестр – худ.руководитель, дирижер В.Иванов

Биг Бенд – худ.руководитель, дирижер Я.Н. Хан

Диксиленд – худ.руководитель О.В.Левушин

In 1999 the variety music performance department was organized< which was the first in specialized musical institutions of Kazakhstan that has given to pupils an opportunity of profound professional education of performing on musical performance instruments - a saxophone, a guitar, drum sets, a jazz trumpet, a rhythm and a bass guitar and also bases of jazz improvisation, arrangement, conducting. The famous musicians of variety orchestra of the Radio and Television work on the department of musical performance: V.M. Bannov, K.I. Dobrovolsky, V.V. Tikhonov.

Today the faculty is cosists of following specialists: Mikhlina M.S. is a head, winner of the International competitions, winner of the Youth award "Serper"; A.K. Karmysov is a Honourable cultural figure; V.A. Glebov is a Honourable cultural figure; Yu.S. Klushkin is the People's artist of RK, professor; V.M. Bannov; K.T. Bektayev; K.I. Dobrovolsky; B.E. Zhakupov; T.I. Kazmiruk; G.A. Zavatskaya; V.V. Tikhonov; D.D. Mukhamedzhanov; O.V. Levushin.

Pupils of wind department annually participate and take prizes in various competitions and festivals held in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Класс педагога Кармысова А.К. (гобой)

Класс педагога Глебова В.А. (флейта)

Педагоги отделения (слева на право): Аширбеков А.Г. (фагот), Михлина М.С. (гобой), Завацкая Г.А. (флейта), МухамеджановД.Д. (тромбон), Хамитов А.С. (ударные инструменты), Баннов В.М. (труба), Жакупов Б.Е. (кларнет), Казмирук Т.И. (саксофон), Левушин О.В. (кларнет)