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School administration

Headmaster (from 1984 - present)
Abdullayev Ondasyn (Okhan) Abdullayevich,
The Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Honourable Educator, "Y. Altynsarin" and "20 years of Independence of RK" medals holder, "PARASAT" order holder

• Compiling of the standard curriculum of specialized music education;
• Drawing up programs for specialized and music - theoretical disciplines;
• Adopting the education on state language (since 1986);
• Transition to 12 years education (since 2000);
• Acquisition of the high status of school for gifted children (in 2000);
• Founding the class of musical performance;
• Founding harp class;
• Creation of on-stage performance groups: folk, wind, symphonic, pop symphonic, chamber orchestras, Big Band, Dixieland, folk ensemble, etc.
• Adopting information technologies in music theory and general education disciplines;
• Training the student winners of the international and republican contests;
• Creation of conditions and improvement of material and technical resources for training and education of musically gifted children of the republic;
• Edition of musical collections: 1981, 1984 – "The anthology for a bayan";
• Processing and transpositions of the Kazakh national songs and кuys for bayan;
• 2010 – "Anthology" of popular works by composers of Kazakhstan for a bayan and an accordion.


The Headmasters' deputy on music department –
The honourable educator of RK –
Yusupova Svetlana Omarovna

The Headmasters' deputy on general education department –
The honourable educator of RK –
Musrepova Meruert Seisenovna

The Headmasters' deputy on social education department –
Akhmetova Saule Nakenovna